Artist Bio


Liz Gómez is an Afro-Indigenous artist and educator whose work honors the journey of the spirit by channeling their life’s experiences onto the canvas through abstraction and portraiture. They strive to make work where light and shadow coexist together in a way that centers vulnerability, liberation, and self love.  Their work in performance, fiber, and mixed media assemblage operate as a vessel for self-healing and utilize sustainably sourced materials. Their portraits seek to broaden the range of representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Culture in a manner that crumbles the dangerous portrayals present in so

Liz Gómez, born in San Antonio, Tx began drawing portraits professionally at age seventeen in theme parks around the U.S before relocating to Chicago to attain a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. In 2018, Gómez decided to combine their passion for portraiture with their work in humanitarianism to create The Divine Gratitude Portrait Movement, a traveling documentary series designed to give thanks and bring visibility to individuals whose stories show the healing powers of holding space for others.  The individuals selected disrupt the cycles of fear and division in their communities and pave the way for a joyous and equitable future. Currently, Liz Gomez is the resident artist of The Honey

Liz Gómez is currently the artist in residence of The Honeycomb Network and has completed artist residencies with The Hunter Radcliffe Artist Residency program, The Chicago Artist Coalition, and Field/Work Residency program. In 2021, Liz Gómez was invited by University of the Basque Country located in Bermeo, Spain as a traveling artist and educator. Gómez intends to research visual and communication practices in the Basque territory, given their interest in and work around the historical representation of lesser-seen or represented cultures like Black or Indigenous people’s. 

Liz Gómez’s work has been showcased at Rootwork Gallery, Chicago, IL; Stony Island Arts Bank; Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Minneapolis MN, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)  CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Montreal, CA; Phantom Gallery; William Hill Gallery, The Chicago Cultural Center; The Museum of Science and Industry; Radcliffe Hunter International Gallery, Chicago, IL; Aplomb Gallery, Chicago, IL; The Gene Siskel Film Center; and  Evanston Art Center 22nd, Chicago IL. 

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